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Who are We

Ayat Skill Development Center (ASDC) strives to promote the development of skilled workforce, including those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. The courses designed and conducted at ASDC help the students gather employable and market ready skills which help them to find appropriate jobs with a proper pay. The technical and soft skills the workforce obtain through training with ASDC help prepare them to become desirable to both local and international job markets.  

Challenge and Solution

Challenges faced by the Bangladeshi Migrant Workers:
  • Migrant workers speak little English.
  • Migrant workers have little basic education and few industry-specific skills
  • Lack of necessary skills of the labor leads to a mismatch in demand and supply and hence they end up with a low wage.
  • Get deprived of better job opportunities because of low skills, which possess a threat to the Bangladesh economy.


With Bangladesh rapidly progressing towards a middle income country, the demand for a skilled labor force is on the rise. However, despite of very a high unemployment rate, the availability of employable workforce is scarce.

Solution: To address this shortage of market driven skilled manpower, ASDC conducts training programs  targeted to increasing skill levels of the workforce to ensure competitiveness in both the labor and product markets. Enriching the labor force with quality vocational training and skills will ensure a more effective workforce and reduce unemployment among the youths.

Our Initiatives

Selection and recruitment of workers in the appropriate category

Skills Development Training in the construction industry trades

Undertake medical fitness tests

Maintain database of workers profiles

Undertake completion of Ministry of Manpower formalities

Make traveling arrangements

Recruitment and selection procedure of “Ayat Skill Development Center” maintains a stringent procedure of selection. It is our policy to adhere to the job description of the employer


Impact Story