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Human Resource is the most Important and vital Factor of Economic Development or it can be said that “Skilled human” are the agents of development. A country develops if it works with the skilled and knowledgeable human power. To enhance economic development the state constructs roads, buildings bridges, dams, power houses, hospitals, etc, to run these units doctors, engineers, scientist, teachers, are required. So if the state invests in a human resource it pays dividend in response.

Productivity increases by natural if a state hire skilled human workforce. The batter education, improved skills, and provision of healthy atmosphere will result in proper and most efficient use of resources (non-natural & natural) which will result in increase in economic production both in home and abroad.

Major Countries accepting Manpower Export from Bangladesha are , KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Libya, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Mauritius, Spain, Lebanon, USA, Dubai ( Driver Post) From 15th April 2013. Unemployed labor force of Bangladesh is estimated to be about 15 million. Beside a huge number of unskilled labor force, skilled, semi-skilled and professional manpower is also available for foreign employment, the categories are as following:

– Technical Manpower
– Medical Manpower
– Engineering Manpower
– Industrial Manpower
– Computer Personnel
– Power station, Petroleum and Fertilizer Manpower
– Road Transport Workers
– Financial Institutions, Insurance, Audit & Accounts Executives
– Port and Water Transport Workers
– Agricultural, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Livestock, Horticulture experts, Technical and Farmers
– School/College/University Teachers
– Administrative & Defense Personnel
– Hotel Management & Catering Staff
– Marine Crew
– Miscellaneous Manpower

These days, traditional unskilled manpower export is reducing and businesses are emphasizing more on creating skilled workers through privately owned technical training centers.