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Ayat Skill Development Center (ASDC) was officially launched on December 2013 which functions with highly knowledgeable Board of Directors providing insights into various sectors of the economy of Bangladesh. The Centre emerged as an ultimate solution to the unemployment situation and as a Youth Skills Training Program. ASDC focuses on the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge into individuals for career success in this new era of work. The organization’s services include specialized Technical Training , approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board(BTEB), Basic English Language training, Office Etiquette courses, industry based practical training, apprenticeship program, Job training and Placement. The target group includes the school dropouts, teenagers as well as talented but unemployed youth.

The Centre is mandated to work together with the support of the private and public sectors to provide information and training services towards developing a skilled, informed and marketable workforce. The principle objectives of ASDC are:

  • To provide hands on practical training with modern machinery and equipment used in present industries to create a marketable labor force.
  • Offer trainees to work closely in working field towards creating a skilled and marketable labor force.
  • To maintain proper linkage with industry players to ensure high placement rate of marketable skills.

Tahsin Aman, Chairman

Tahsin Aman, is the Chairman of Ayat Skill Development Center. He completed his Undergraduate degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, USA with a major in Industrial Engineering and minors in Management, Computer Science and MIS. He completed his minor requirements from Harvard University, USA. He also completed his MBA from IBA, Dhaka University. He is a distinguished business person in Bangladesh and renowned for his social contribution to the country for promoting skill development as a national priority to government regulators and private sector. Tahsin Aman is the Vice Chairman of Aman Group as well. In addition to his contribution in Ayat Skill Development Center, Tahsin Aman is also the former President of the American Alumni Association, Bangladesh and Ex-Vice Chairman of Global Insurance Ltd. He is also one of the members of the Governing Board of Metropolitan University, Sylhet. Tahsin Aman is a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers USA , and he has served in the executive board of the global association, TiT and Entrepreneur Organization

Nusrat Feroz Aman, CEO

Nusrat Aman is the Chief Patron and the CEO of Ayat Skill Development Center. She completed her graduation from Clark University with majors in Biology & Psychology with a Neuroscience Concentration in May 1999. She has also worked with research program in Massachusetts General Hospital under Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA. She has worked at the Institute of Child and Mother Health as a Child Psychologist and Counselor to families with children having special needs. Nusrat completed her MBA program from IBA, Dhaka University in 2007. In addition to her contribution to ASDC she has also been a consultant in Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University. She is a member of the Governing Board of Presidency University and has served as the General Secretary of American Alumni Association from 2006-2010. Nusrat Aman is the Director of Aman Group of Companies too and is engaged in promoting the benefits of training and development program to enhance employability among our youths.

Laila Karim, Senior Advisor

She is the Senior Adviser to Ayat Skill Development Center.